Pietrasanta  the city of art,  where artists from  all over the world come  to create
and learn about sculpture. This ancient cultural centre is situated at  the foot  of
the  Apuan  alpes three kilometers  from the  Mediterranean shores in the north
of Tuscany.  Here in  this small city you can find specialists to assist  in making
sculptures in many materials: specially in stone and bronze.
There are various types of stone studios in the city: studios where only artisans
are working executing commissions and orders, and studios where only artists
are working on their own creative work. In Studio Lapis we provide the possibility
for either individual work or working with an artisan.  There are artisans who are
working  on commissions  and can  do sculptures  in any type  of stone.  These
specialists can help the artists  with the actual carving and with technical  assis -
tance.  They can also answer any questions concerning technique.  Artists who
wish to work on their own piece can simply rent studio space and work on what-
ever they wish.   We encourage  students and people  of all ages  to  come and
either  learn how to carve  or to refine their  existing experience  and knowledge.
Studio Lapis is directed by Anat Golandski,  an Israeli sculptress who has lived
and worked in Pietrasanta  for about 20 years.  The lessons can be given in He-
brew, English and Italian.  During the school year other visiting artists give cour-
ses in sculpting with clay, painting and paper-maché.
contact   or   Tel / Fax  + 39 - 0584 - 72 563
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