Anat Golandski was Born in Jerusalem, where she lived and completed her studies in philosophy
and stage design. During these years she elaborated didactic art programms for children in private
centres and in the main museum of Jerusalem.
Since 18 Years she lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy , where she has taken a long path in
acquiring technical knowledge of working the marble, clay, bronze, paper masché and oil painting.
During this long period Anat Golandski has participated in many group and personal shows. Her
sculptures are also represented in puplic spaces like Carrara and Udine and in various sculpture
parks in China and England.
Today she is directing a sculptor studio in Pietrasanta - Studio Lapis - a place where artisans ,
artists and students are working together. On the other hand she keeps following her career as
an Art Therapist, doing public projects with schools and a communities of drug addicts, and she
iis working privately with groups and individuals. ( left image beyond )
In her art she is dealing with personal transformation. She tries to show that the outer space
reflects one's inner space. As these spaces are relative, it is in our hands to transform our destiny.
As we begin to free ourselves from blocks that imprison us, we become healed.
The first image that gave birth to all the others is the handicped man (left image), who - with his
will power -manages to cross through walls. In order to express this idea she invented the
technique of bronze over net in an attempt to represent the moment of transformation, when the
past recedes, the present transforms and the future offers new hope.. Most of the images are
taken from fairytales, heroes whose lives are woven like thread of the nets. But they have the
ability to tear it apart, bend it and liberate themselves from old ineffective self images. Not all the
sculptures she creates are calm and peaceful, but she belives that in certain situations also
struggle and questioning is needed in order to break through...